Advisor/Musician/Cultural Ambassador: Clarence Curvan

Born in Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad, Clarence grew up with calypso in his bones living near  the Old Brigade Calypso Tent on St. Vincent Street. There he became familiar with calypso legends like Lord & Lady Iere, Spoiler, Growler, Lion, and Atilla the Hun. This early exposure led to his love for the art form and eventually his desire to be a musician. He started playing the piano but developed an interest in percussion. He soon found himself being invited to play with the Cyril Diaz Orchestra, the backup band for the calypsonians. Soon thereafter, he formed his own band with  musicians that eventually became legends in their own right; like  Freddy Harris, Roy Cape, Beverly Griffith, Ron Berridge and many others.

Clarence was also involved with the steelband as a bass player and eventually band captain of Starland Steel Orchestra. In the late 60's he accepted a contract with the Ministry of Bahamas Tourism, which gave him the opportunity to  support visiting performers like  Clarence Carter, Tyrone Davis and many others.

In 1970, Clarence moved to New York, where he continued his involvement with the music and the culture of his native Trinidad and Tobago. He has traveled as a cultural ambassador, judging calypso and steelband competitions in the US, Europe and the Caribbean.

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OUR  CEO: Clarendon C.T. West
Don's Experience
A graduate of the Bauder School of Broadcasting,  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Freelance broadcaster with WHIZ Communications;  broadcaster at  Urban radio, Mystic 1580; also did programs at 790AM, 1080AM, WAVS 1170AM & 1360AM.

After his discharge from the army, Lincoln attended Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn [C.U.N.Y], graduating with a BSc. in Business Management. He married a wonderful Trinidadian woman with two children - a boy and a girl.

Throughout his adult life, He has served at various levels in many sporting organizations, either in Trinidad New York or Miami. He also adjudicate at major events over the years. Now he brings his talents and vast experience to bring positive growth to Radio KYSO.

Our Team

Our CPO: W. David Elcock

A Trinidad & Tobago native and veteran of over three-and-a-half decades in radio and more than twenty-five years as a television personality. He hosted the personality show, “Elcock In the Morning” on NBS Radio 610 spanning the early 70s through 1990 which constantly topped each survey then conducted and attracted a loyal audience in several Caribbean islands within range of 610’s 50,000 watts of coverage.   

Dave emerged as one of the in-demand MCs of his era and was privileged to welcome onstage international entertainers including Stevie Wonder, Dionne Warwick, Barry White, King Curtis, Ray Charles and Redd Foxx. He also wooed several of them to the radio microphone.

On his night-time music and talk TV show, “T&T Tonight” which aired for two seasons in the 1970s, Dave featured entertainment by and chats with leading local artistes. Visiting entertainers, sports personalities, and government officials were also often among his guests.

Though semi-retired today, Big Brother Dave now a born-again Christian, welcomes the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to this new Internet medium, Radio KYSO as we seek to attract and enchant music lovers worldwide with Trinidad and Tobago’s unique gift to the world, of Calypso in its varied forms and our incomparable indigenous music-making instrument, the steelpan .



The Chaconia - The National Flower of Trinidad and Tobago

Aldwyn "Kitchener" Roberts- The Grandmaster of Calypso.

In radio broadcasting for over 20 years, Don was a freelance broadcaster in his early days in the industry but for the last 10 years has worked at a Miami-based AM station as its program manager. A "Trini to the bone", Don has always tried to showcase the music of his homeland and the Caribbean in general.

Don's dad, the late Errol West, was a popular DJ in the late 50's and 60's, and Don accompanied him on some of his gigs. Together they travelled all over South Trinidad, playing for weddings, birthday parties, and other events.

As an avid collector of Caribbean music, Don has an extensive collection and most of the music listeners will hear originate from this source. This project is a dream come true for him and he hopes that his audience will enjoy his efforts as much as he has had planning and executing this endeavor.



Our CRO: Lincoln Ford

Born in St. James, in the forties, but at age 4 moved to South Trinidad,when his family relocated to an oil-company employee residential village. Home-schooled during his early childhood before he attended Santa Flora Gov't Primary School; then to Palo Seco Gov't before attending Southern Academy High School, San Fernando. In 1965 he took and passed the nursing entrance examination but was accepted at the E.C.P. Institute, New York and moved to the USA in 1967, where he studied computer programming. He, then enlisted for a two year stint in the military.

Bringing Calypso to the World

IT Consultant: Stewart Webster

Born in Jamaica, now residing in South Florida, Stew as he is know to his friends, is a 40-year veteran of the IT industry. In the 80's, on Wall Street, he was IBM's lead logistics and contracts liaison for one of the world's largest multi-billion dollar insurance and re-insurance companies. While with IBM, he received one of its largest Suggestion Awards  for a problem identification and resolution. Three years ago to ensure that he stays current with the rapidly changing IT industry, he completed a Masters in Public Administration with a focus on Technology Management in the Public Sector.  One of his hobbies is to build and modify computers.

He is also a seasoned tax practitioner so along with preparing and filing personal, corporate and state taxes, he specializes in negotiating and advocating for the resolution of tax problems on behalf of clients to the IRS and the State of Florida. To date, his success rate in these areas is 100%.

Stew is also very active in his community, culturally and politically.