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Welcome to Radio KYSO!

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                            WEEK DAY PROGRAMMING SCHEDULE- February, 2020 (EST-USA)

      12.00am:Dance Time      6.00am: Gospelypso                   12.noon: Socalypso                           6.00pm: Riddims In Steel

       1.00am:Socalypso                    7.00am:Caribbean Jazz             1.00pm:KYSO Mix                             7.00pm:Caribbean Jazz

       2.00am:KYSO Mix                   8.00am:KYSO Mix                       2.00pm:Riddims In Steel                8.00pm: Riddims In Steel

      3.00am: Riddims In Steel      9.00am:Caribbean Flavah        3.00pm:Socalypso                             9.00pm: KYSO Mix

      4.00am:Carib. Jazz                10.00am: KYSO Mix                      4.00pm: KYSO Mix                          10.00pm:Socalypso

      5.00am:Gospelypso                11.00am:Socalypso                        5.00pm:Carib. Flavah                     11.00pm: Dance Time


Radio  bringing Calypso to the World !!!




This station is the brainchild of our President & CEO, Clarendon C.T. West, with the support of two good friends - former Trinidad and Tobago radio personality David Elcock and Lincoln Ford.

In the mid 40's, Calypso--the music of the Caribbean islands Trinidad and Tobago--was very popular and many calypso performers of the day, migrated to the United States and Great Britain. Harry Belafonte, Maya Angelou and Robert Mitchum were a few of the celebrities of that era, who helped popularize the art form in America. Meanwhile in Britain, it was left up to Trinidadians like Edmundo Ros, Aldwyn Roberts, and Fitzgerard Henry. Now we feel that it is time someone continues where they left off, and in this age of technology, this media is the best way to get this art form to all.Enjoy the music and let us know what you think.

Bringing Calypso to the World